Create, Connect, Build, Release: Start today USING our platform independent Software to connect almost every service or API for your professional Needs WITHIN DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONS – without coding and in less time THAN USUAL.

Release Date

EARLY 2024

See „Roadmap“ for further details.

What is Elexxyr?

ELEXXYR [|elixier|] aims to be your new fast, simple and valuable software for building interfaces with ease and faster than ever. It is as simple as it sounds: create your definitions visually and understandable for everyone while staying in full control of your data flow or data manipulation. Connect almost everything you need (e. g. databases, APIs and services, XML structures) using drag‘n‘drop and build your exportable, executable process and incorporate it platform independently into your real business logic. Reach the typical big players on your desktop and deal with their data as it fits your needs:You want to connect SAP to your own data solution? This is your tool. Joining IBM and Microsoft‘s BusinessCentral together? Here you go. And what about connecting anything with all of them for your own new dashboard or as a trigger to generate new reports for CEO or the sales crew every morning? Easy as that. Now you do not have to explain your source anymore: the visually data flow, logical connectors and easy to use GUI opens your way to the digital transformation in a global world. Enter new possibilities to understand your customer‘s needs – even without a coder.

fast and quick start

Based on a typical GUI, tab driven, logical menus and no fancy aspect: Everyone is able to use ELEXXYR within minutes to build partly or complete solutions.

just draw it

Connect pins with other pins with drag‘n‘drop on a given grid - this is the way, your data will work inside a released application: a straight path and step-by-step.

easy to understand

All information on the shown grid is, what happens in your application. Everyone is able to follow the logical path to create, build, connect and release - even debug.

platform independent

Not only can you use ELEXXYR on every type of operating system: export your own and ready to run solution independently for every platform as you want and like.


Use an exported solution of ELEXXYR inside your other code base or application parts.

future proof

Projects are interpreted - not compiled. Later versions of ELEXXYR remain executable.


You don't need a PhD to understand projects or get back into it quickly. No docs req.!

multiple devices

No hardware binding: use your personal license on as many computers as you like.

theming & branding*

Customize your own theme or use your own logo on assignable multiple licenses (enterprise ed.).


Include ready-2-use grids: as a plugin or a full extension to save even more time for faster results.

* later versions of ELEXXYR


Take a look



Our first version has already arrived in huge production environments of professional companies around the world. Thank you for your trust in ELEXXYR – have a look at some of our own projects in the recent past with an early state of our internal used tool.



The product is still in development. As soon as we release our early access prototype, licensing will be available again.

64-bit-processor and -operating-system required

Windows 10+

Ubuntu 20.04+

OS-X Big Sur 11+

  • Intel® Core™ i5-processor (7th gen) or AMD Ryzen 5 (1st gen) or Apple M1
  • at least 8 GB RAM
  • Vulkan 1.0 compatible hardware
  • 256 MB space required (SSD preferred)
  • Internet connection required


The current state of ELEXXYR is „early access“. The following overview shows the rough road to our vision of version 1.0.


... relevant product base

  • 08/2023

    Early Access

    ... upcoming!

  • Q3/2023

    Local file system support

    Operate on files and folders.

  • Q4/2023


    Schedule your project's runtime with ease.

  • Q4/2023

    Integrated debug help

    Real-time debugger with several options.

  • --/2024

    Remote file system support

    FTP, SMB, OneDrive, Dropbox, ...


... additional components

  • Q4/2023

    Data sources (flat)

    Common database support, CSV

  • Q1/2024

    Data sources (nested)

    Handle object-types like JSON, XML or YAML.

  • Q1/2024


    Access and host common sources.

  • --/2024

    Email support

    Configure and send emails.

  • --/2024

    Collaborated Workspace

    Work live together on a project - as a team!


... pure essence!

  • Q2/2024


    ... integrate SAP S/4HANA.

  • Q2/2024


    ... integrate BusinessCentral.

  • --/2024

    Your own software solution?

    Build and share custom plugins!

Wait ...
even more?

Of course, there will be much more – e. g. ...
  • customizations (theming, translations, templating, ...),
  • multi license management for companies,
  • plugin store for buying or selling extensions,
  • tons of documentation (text and video)

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Murat Akkas



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